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Canakinumab reduces risk of heart disease events by targeting inflammation

Phase III results of the CANTOS heart trial have shown that a drug, previously tested in type 2 diabetes, cuts cardiovascular disease (CVD) events. The drug in question is canakinumab (ACZ885), an antibody to a pro-inflammatory cytokine molecule, called Il-1B, which is known to drive atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is the name for the damage to blood vessels whereby arteries become clogged. Canakinumab is the first and only agent which has shown that selectively targeting inflammation signific...

Successful eye screening programme to expand in Yorkshire

The eyes of people with diabetes are set to benefit from a screening programme which will expand across more parts of Yorkshire. The Diabetic Eye Screening Programme (DESP) has been successfully run across Wakefield and North Kirklees by Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust for the last 15 years. But now it is set to be rolled out across Dewsbury and Batley, reaching a further 83,000 people. Over the next few years it is thought the new initiative will help more than 100,000. Speaking to the Dewsbu...

Insulin production present in half of people living with type 1 diabetes for 10 years

Insulin production still occurs in about half of people with type 1 diabetes that have been living with the condition for 10 years or more, Swedish researchers have found. A team from the Uppsala University in Sweden studied 113 people who had been living with type 1 diabetes for more than a decade. They tested the participants using an ultra-sensitive method of identifying C-peptide in the blood. C-peptide is a protein released with insulin but not found in the insulin that people with type 1 d...

High variation in HbA1c raises risk of depression in the elderly

A study has found that elderly people with type 2 diabetes face a higher risk of depression if their HbA1c results vary quite widely. The research team included researchers from Tel-Aviv University, Israel and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York, USA. The study included 837 participants drawn from the Israel Diabetes and Cognitive Decline (IDCD) study. The data from the trial goes as far back as 1998 and 18 HbA1c measurements on average per person. The average age of participan...

Teenager with type 1 diabetes sent home for wearing shorts

A teenager with type 1 diabetes is speaking out after being sent home from school because he was wearing shorts during the heatwave. Callum OHara, who is currently taking his A-level exams at King Edward VI Sheldon Heath Academy, opted for cooler clothing because he did not want to overheat in the recent hot weather. Speaking to ITV News the 18-year-old said: It is important I keep cool because I suffer from diabetes and my blood sugar levels rise if I get too hot. At this time of year, I have t...

Beta cell survival boosting protein could slow down onset of type 1 diabetes

A new study has discovered a protein responsible for boosting the survival rate of beta cells that shows promise to slow the onset of type 1 diabetes in animals and humans. Researchers around the world have focused on increasing beta cell mass by way of various replacement therapies, such as stem cell regeneration. Here, a team of international scientists at the Medical University of Vienna have been working on early-stage therapies to keep the existing beta cell population alive. Their resear...