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Obesity and depression are entwined, major genetic study reveals

A new study has found important genetic ties between obesity and major depressive disorder (MDD) which could help further our understanding of the mechanics linking the two conditions together. An increasing number of people who are depressed also show signs of having metabolic problems like type 2 diabetes or are carrying excess weight, and vice versa. Convinced that there is a connection, scientists at Vrije University Medical Centre, in Amsterdam, have looked at variations in the sequence o...

Study shows lowered brain glucose levels linked to type 2 diabetes

A link between lowered brain glucose levels and type 2 diabetes has been identified which could provide a better understanding of the condition. US researchers say the findings could also shed further light on other conditions such as eating disorders, obesity and Alzheimers disease. It was already known that reduced metabolism in the brain is linked to type 2 diabetes and obesity but no one knew why, which is what prompted the Yale research team into exploring the subject further. They looked...

Duration of type 1 diabetes could affect nerve response during exercise

People with long-duration type 1 diabetes should consider limiting their exercise intensity to reduce the strain on nerve responses, researchers say. New evidence has found that high blood sugar over many years weakens the autonomic reflex that regulates blood pressure during exercise. This could increase the risk of acute heart problems during intense exercise in people with diabetic neuropathy (nerve damage). Researchers from the University of Texas claim this is the first study to provide ev...

New encapsulation device could boost stem cell treatment results in type 1 diabetes

Scientists at the University of California in San Francisco (UCSF) have designed a device meant to enclose future insulin-producing stem cells that could render transplant therapies more efficient. This type of technology is called encapsulation and supports the development of working islet cells in the body of people with type 1 diabetes by protecting them from autoimmune attack. The new implantable device, developed by Tejal Desai and her colleagues at UCSF’s schools of Pharmacy and Med...

Stress just as harmful as junk food to health in females, researchers say

The impact of stress can be just as damaging to health as a high-calorie diet in female mice, according to research. A US study has found exposure to stress has a similar effect on the gut’s bacteria to eating a junk food diet. The findings could be an important breakthrough in understanding more about why type 2 diabetes develops. Previous research has indicated a gut bacteria imbalance can sometimes prompt insulin resistance which leads to the condition. Lead author Professor Laura Bridge...

Boy with type 1 diabetes fitted with device to bypass his insulin allergy

A nine-year-old boy with type 1 diabetes who is allergic to insulin has been fitted with a device which could prove revolutionary in improving his health. Taylor Banks, from Leigh, Greater Manchester is the first child in the UK, and one of the first few in the world, to be fitted with the Accu-Chek DiaPort device. The device delivers insulin directly into Taylors abdomen so it avoids contact with his skin. Taylor was diagnosed aged two, but following insulin treatment he experienced a severe al...

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