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ABBOTT Freestyle Insulinx Glucose Test Strips

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ABBOTT FreeStyle Test Strips

Accu Chek Nano Glucose Test Strips

ACCU-CHEK AVIVA Plus Test Strips - 1 Code Key - 50 CT.

ACCU-CHEK Compact Test Strips - 3 Drums - 51 CT.

Advocate Redicode Plus Glucose Test Strips - 50 CT.

Bayer Breeze 2 100ct.

Bayer Breeze 2 Blood Glucose Test Strips-50ct.

BAYER Contour Test Strips - No Coding - 50 CT.

BAYER Contour TS - Test Strips - No Coding - 50 CT.

CleverChoice Voice Plus (No Coding) 50ct.

Easy Step Test Strips- 50ct.

Easy Talk Glucose Test Strip - 50 CT.

Embrace Glucose Test Strips - 50 CT.

ONE TOUCH Ultra Test Strips - Blue - 50 CT

TRUEtrack Blood Glucose Test Strips Box of 50

Vocal Point 50ct. Test Strips

A practical framework for encouraging and supporting positive behaviour change in diabetes

A wide range of diabetes-directed interventions ľ including novel medications, devices and comprehensive education programmes ľ have been shown to be effective in clinical trials. But in the real world of diabetes care their effic...

Socio-economic status and risk of gestational diabetes mellitus among Chinese women

Aims The relationship between socio-economic status and gestational diabetes mellitus has received little attention. The purpose of this study was to investigate the association between socio-economic status and risk of gestationa...

Successful management of refractory diabetic gastroparesis with long-term Aprepitant treatment

Background People with gastroparesis who develop treatment-resistant (refractory) disease pose a difficult challenge, especially in the setting of end-stage renal disease (ESRD) or post pancreas transplant. Aprepitant (a neurokini...

Comparison of different insulin pump makes under routine care conditions in adults with Type 1 diabetes

Aims To compare long-term HbA1c changes associated with different insulin pumps during routine care in a large cohort of adults with Typeá1 diabetes representative of other clinic populations. Methods Observational, retrospectiv...

European diabetes research and its funding, 2002ľ2013

Aim This study examined the outputs of research papers in diabetes from 31 European countries between 2002 and 2013, and their funding. Methods Diabetes research papers in the Web of Science were identified by means of a filter ...

Annual direct medical costs associated with diabetes-related complications in the event year and in subsequent years in Hong Kong

Aim To develop models to estimate the direct medical costs associated with diabetes-related complicationsin the event year and in subsequent years. Methods The public direct medical costs associated with 13 diabetes-related comp...

Fetal overnutrition and offspring insulin resistance and ▀-cell function: the Exploring Perinatal Outcomes among Children (EPOCH) study

Aims To examine the associations of intrauterine exposure to maternal diabetes and obesity with offspring insulin resistance, ▀-cell function and oral disposition index in a longitudinal observational study of ethnically diverse o...